Hello everyone, it’s Lizzy here!

I’m excited to share the patch notes for the upcoming update, which will go live in just a few minutes. Please note that this is a bonus update, aimed to give you a little something extra while the main storyline is being developed. This is primarily for my Patreon supporters, to ensure that you’re not left without any new content for an extended period. I’ve been dedicating my weekends to bring you these updates, choosing to invest in the game rather than taking time off.
Please note that these bonus updates do not significantly advance the main storyline and are primarily focused on lewd content.
So don’t expect an update like the first release. If that’s what you’re looking for, it might be best to wait for the release of the huge update.

-Added 14 to 25 minutes of gameplay without skipping dialogues, based on feedback from beta testers.
-Included nearly 200 new renders (22 Extra Pictures).
-Introduced 10 new animations, 7 of which are lewd.
An optional secret quest. (Wild Desert)
-3 new characters
into the game, 2 of which are lewdable.
7 new achievements for you to unlock.

-Corrected some typos and added a few new ones for fun 😉.
-Fixed the “Gladys” variable for a more coherent gaming experience.
Converted all images to WEBP format, saving more than 1 GB of game space.
-Resolved issues with unattainable or buggy achievements. They are now grayed out by default to help you spot them more easily.

To access the new update, simply continue playing the game after the green logo screen. Some beta testers thought there was nothing beyond that point, so I thought it’d be good to clarify!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this bonus update. Your continued support and feedback are invaluable to me.