Get to Know the Characters of

The Last oasis before Chastity

Get ready to meet a wide range of personalities, each with unique backgrounds and abilities. It’s time to dive into a world full of adventure and excitement.


Androgynous Mercenary

Mercy is an androgynous, muscular figure driven by the thrill of battle. As a mercenary, she lives for armed combat and firearms, crashing through walls and pursuing the toughest fights. Her immense physical strength is apparent through the veins on her body. Despite her nickname, Mercy is the opposite of merciful and fiercely dedicates her life to her cause. Her gender is difficult to distinguish, and her real name is a mystery.

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Deadly yet adorable

Meet Lyssah, a deadly yet adorable protagonist with incredible skill in close-quarters combat and long-range warfare. Her love for blades and guns is surpassed only by her affection for her dual full-auto pistols and massive, long-range sniper rifle. Lyssah is lethal and dangerous, leaving a trail of chaos in her wake, but also loves all things cute and cuddly. Don’t be fooled by her charm, for she’s equally as deadly as she is lovely.

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