Deadly yet adorable


Deadly yet adorable
Meet our dangerous yet alluring Lyssah, a femme fatale with curves to die for and a fierce spirit to match.

Her love for blades and guns is surpassed only by her incredible skill in close-quarters combat and long-range warfare.
Although her affection for the latter is more specific, as she only has eyes for her dual full auto pistols and her massive, long-range sniper rifle.
She may be a bit clumsy at times, but when the fight begins, she transforms into a precise and deadly force to be reckoned with.

Her combat style is an enigma, as she is at odds with herself when it comes to fighting, torn between the desire for up-close-and-personal brawls and the urge to pick off her enemies from afar.

Beneath her sweet and adorable exterior lies a lethal and dangerous force. Don’t be fooled by her charm, for she’s equally as deadly as she is lovely.
Only a select few have witnessed this contrast firsthand, with many never living to tell the tale.
While some believe it to be nothing more than a myth, others swear it’s all too real.
She’s a walking disaster that leaves a trail of chaos in her wake. Nothing sets her off more than someone making fun of her, and those who dare to cross her will feel her wrath.

Despite her incredible skill in combat, in everyday situations, her clumsiness is legendary and it’s a wonder she hasn’t injured herself more often.

When it comes to taking lives, she wields death as an artist wields a brush, painting a macabre masterpiece with each of her kills. And when the final stroke is made, her victim’s agony transcends into a twisted ecstasy, as their descent into the abyss is both terror and bliss, a sweet release from the grasp of her lethal embrace.
Despite her bloodlust and lethal nature, there’s a kawaii side to her that’s hard to ignore.

She loves all things cute and cuddly, and is known to collect plushies and other adorable trinkets.
Her juxtaposition of cute and deadly is both mesmerizing and terrifying, making her a formidable opponent in any battle.

But be warned, never underestimate her or call her sweet, lovely, or fragile. She despises feeling vulnerable and will not hesitate to unleash her fury upon those who dare to try.​