Hello Patrons,

I’m thrilled to announce that the update for my Ren’Py video game is almost finished! There are just a few more images to render, which should be ready in the next 12/15 hours. If all goes well, the game will be available right afterward.

I sincerely apologize for the two-week delay. I know you have been waiting for this update, and I am sorry for the wait.

Game Statistics:

  • Adult Animations: 43 in total (5 Characters are involved, 3 in the main story and 2 in the Lewd Desert mode).For comparison: 19 in the first major update, 9 in the previous bonus update.
  • Renders: Over 212 renders completed. (I think I had announced about 105)

As some of you know, last month, I got injured at work. Well, it happened again! This time, I managed to impale my fingers with a metal rod, turning my hand into a sort of “kebab”. 😂 Fortunately, I’m doing well – the healing is going fine, and no nerves were damaged. Thanks to this week off work (and because it’s the other hand I use for the mouse!), I’ve been able to make more progress on the game than expected.

But, even if it has been beneficial for the game and I love my patrons, I promise I won’t injure myself every month to speed up the updates!

Technical Improvements:

  • I’ve made significant progress in video creation, which I believe has improved them.
  • I’ve discovered a new way of lighting scenes, making them more beautiful and faster to produce. You might notice some differences in a few consecutive videos due to this new technique, but don’t worry, I will harmonize everything soon. Can you spot them? If so, let me know, I’m very interested.

Discord: As soon as everything is ready, I will share the update on Discord. Join us if you haven’t already!

I need to inform you that some of the new animations have minor glitches on the characters’ foreheads. Ideally, I would redo these animations, but each one takes over 24 hours to create. Delaying the game release by another week for a few small black spots seemed unreasonable.

Normally, I fix such issues, but in this case, doing so would mean a significant delay — not because it’s hard to fix (it would take mere seconds), but because of the time required to re-render the animations. Therefore, I’ve decided to release the game as is and will address these in a future patch.

Additionally, there’s an animation where a character erroneously appears with glasses. I’ll be redoing this animation to correct that mistake.

Lastly, while I believe I’ve improved in animation and lighting, some animations, especially those involving hand movements, are not as refined as I’d like. The grasping motion isn’t quite right, but I’m committed to improving it and will address this in the upcoming animation update.

In summary, one character has a few black marks on her forehead, which I hope won’t be too distracting. Her hand movement isn’t as precise as I would have liked, but I already have plans to enhance it in the next update.

To thank you for your patience and support, everyone who liked the beta version message will have access to this beta. There won’t be a raffle.

Thank you immensely for your ongoing support.