You were thrown into a dimensional rift. Your house is floating in nothingness, and you have no idea what to do. 

But then you discover another castaway, and she turns out to be a succubus. Other girls start getting lost between dimensions and end up in your House in the Rift. You will learn their stories, their aspirations, and their deepest desires.

They take care of you and your house during the day, and then you go off to explore fantastical dimensions in the night. 

A HOUSE IN THE RIFT is a sandbox harem game with monthly updates. It has more than 200 story events, over 20000 still renders and over 300 full-featured animations.


  • Azraesha – petite succubus, master of subterfuge, intrigue and sensual arts. 

  • Naomi – rough and tumble pirate captain, always up for a rough ride.

  • Cait – shy student of magic, in love with books, wants to try out new things.

  • Lyriel – bitchy elf with some self-esteem issues and certain… soft spots.

  • Yona – strong and stoic orc, she’s a dutiful wife, even though your customs are curious.

  • Blair – feisty dwarf, combatively independent, but ready to engage in a mutually beneficial affair.

You’ll go through a lot together with the girls – learn their stories, get cozy with them, have exciting adventures; isn’t it all very exhilarating?

And if you play your cards right, you get to explore more than just the dimensions!